Cutlass Rubber bearings are used in cooling water (cw) pumps, condensed extraction pumps in thermal power plants and cntrifugal pumps and other water submersible pumps & devices. It is also widely used in marine application.


  • Cutlass Rubber bearings provide less abrasive wear in the surface of shaft & bearing
  • It produces low frictional loss due to low co - efficient of friction between shafts and wet bearing surface
  • Self lubrication eliminates the problems due to pressure feeding and contamination.
  • It provides structural support with built in resilience when used in propeller shafts thus preventing the shaft bearing from misalignments or shaft wear
  • It reduces vibration and noise.
  • It Operates in the temperature range of 4°C to 70°C


  • Type : Flanged, without Flange, with straight flutes orb spiral grooves
  • Bearing ID: 25 to 375 mm
  • Bearing Length : 50 to 450 mm